1738 – My Nursing Assignment

One of our jobs as public health nurses is to be aware of not only community, but also global health threats.  According to this article published by the World Economic Forum, here are the top 10 most urgent health challenges for 2020:

Elevating health in the climate debate
Delivering health in conflict and crisis
Making healthcare fairer
Expanding access to medicines
Stopping infectious diseases
Preparing for epidemics
Protecting people from dangerous products
Investing in people who defend our health
Keeping adolescents safe
Earning public trust

How do you all feel about these health challenges? Thoughts? 1 page pick 2 of the top ten
Wood, J. (2020). These are the 10 biggest global health threats of the decade. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/02/who-healthcare-challenges-2020s-climate-conflict-epidemics/
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