Advance Nursing Research (PowerPoint Presentation: The Funding Dilemma)

Assignment: The Funding DilemmaInstructions:Generate a PowerPoint presentation about your EBP Project Grant Proposal. (The proposal you did for me last week, see attachment). Imagine you are meeting with a grant funding agency and you need to sell them your project and why it is important.Please include the following in your PP presentation:1. Introduce yourself2. Title3. Background4. Purpose5. Gaps that your project aims to address6. Proposed project methodology (i.e., research method, research design, sampling method, participant recruitment, and so on)7. Significance to the field of nursing8. Innovation9. Describe why your proposal should be funded (assume there is only one grant available)Follow APA and grammatical/punctuation expectations throughout the presentation.- For this assignment, submit your YouTube video url. The best way to do this is to copy and paste the hyperlink url for the YouTube video into a Word document. Your faculty will access your video via the link.NOTE: YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THE AUDIOVIDEO PRESENTATION.I WILL CREATE THE AUDIOVIDEO PRESENTATION.


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