Analysis paper | Operations Management homework help

Find and analyze an article in the mass media to which you can apply concepts and theories from OB course.

1) provide a brief summary of the article

2) demonstrate how it applies to OB-related topics, theories and concepts(use the PDF to get some concepts and theroies)

3) draw some conclusions of your own

4)Find guidelines for structuring the paper on page 4 of the PDF I gave you

5)Format: stapled and typed, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman 12-point size, “1” margins, has page numbers,  4-5pages paper

6)I need both article and paper when you done the paper.

7)Please read the PDF carefully. all information about this paper is in it, including references, where to find a good article, or how to structure the paper. The paper is more about to make links between the content of an article and OB concepts & theories.