Application: analyzing quantitative data | PUBH 6032 – SPSS Revealed | Walden University

Your goal for this Application is to perform SPSS calculations on a pair of data sets that are provided. Perform a two-sample independent t-test, analyze ANOVA, and determine whether the data sets demonstrate any linear correlation. A worksheet is provided for this Application, in the form of a Microsoft Word document. Download the Module 6 Application Assignment Worksheet and paste your outputs for all three tests at the end of the document. Then, based on your outputs, answer the questions on the worksheet, typing your answers directly into the document.

To prepare for this Application, participate in the Discussion area to clarify any questions you may have about the material presented in the textbook, demonstration video, the assigned Study Questions, or the end-of-chapter exercises. Use the Module 6 Step-by-Step guide to help you complete statistical analysis in SPSS.

Complete the Module 6 Application Assignment Worksheet, pasting the t-test, ANOVA, and correlation outputs at the end of the document. Be sure that your completed worksheet contains your responses to all questions and your SPSS output.