arguement essay 1

The year is 2030. You are a famous New York Times reporter making lots of money. After a phone call from your old English teacher from college (which has taken over the Eastern hemisphere and is known as a great dictator) you decide to write an opinion piece about a few philosophical essays she assigned decades before.

For this assignment, you will be using the essays that we went over. (Peter Singer’s “Solution to World Hunger”, Judith Jarvis Thomson “A defense of abortion”, and Julian Savulescu’s “Genetic Interventions and the Ethics of Enhancement of Human Beings.”) Select one of the three essays and write an opinion piece supporting or attacking the author’s stance.

Your essay should include:

  • A catchy title and a cool pen name. (For example, “Down with Peter Singer” an Op-ed piece by Georgiana Ladevsky)
  • An introduction that includes a hook, thesis statement, and summary of your main points. This should clearly state whether or not you are supporting or attacking your selected argument.
  • A summary of the article that you are attacking or supporting. This should take no more than 1-2 paragraphs.
  • Your response to the article.
    • If you are supporting the article’s argument, you should point to the arguments that the author makes that you feel are strongest and provide modern examples of how it is applicable. You should address potential counter-arguments and why the author’s point still stands.
    • If you are attacking the author’s argument, you should address the author’s main arguments and write about what the author is missing, or how the argument is misinformed or incorrect. Provide modern examples that show how the argument does not work.
  • A conclusion that reviews your main points and your argument.


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