being together course 1

Your assignment involves producing a maximum five (5) page paper (12 point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins) over one of the following prompts. In order to be eligible for grading, the paper must be largely free of grammar and syntax errors and it must also include proper documentation (internally: parenthetical notations or footnotes; externally: a bibliography). A paper that does not meet all of these minimum criteria will not be graded.

You may choose to write on one of the following topics. They have been outlined here to help you structure your argument:

1) A. Describe the idea of “traversing race and culture” as it applies to global consumption (of food, of beauty, of brands, of labor, of science, etc.).

B. Provide three different examples of how this happens from three different readings, demonstrating your comprehension of those readings.

C. Nextprovide some observations about what these readings (and the class more generally) might help us conclude about the categories “race,” “gender,”and “culture.”

2) Alcoff argues that, “Identity does not determine one’s interpretation of the facts or constitute a fully formed perspective; rather, to use the hermeneutic terminology once again, identities operate as horizons from which certain aspects or layers of reality can be made visible” (43).”

A) Discuss how an aspect of identity that was once not visible might become visible when examined from a “new” horizon.

B) Provide three examples of this from three different readings OUTSIDE OF ALCOFF to support your argument in A, demonstrating your comprehension of those readings.

C) Finally, provide some conclusions about the nature of identity based on the readings you chose.

I choose question number 2 and the three reading I have Them too


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