Building Rapport

A critical aspect of using qualitative procedures in needs assessment involves the ability to build rapport effectively. Approaching people in culturally acceptable ways is essential if you want to collect valid and useful data.

For this Discussion, you will review a vignette and evaluate which qualitative research method would best address the issues raised. In addition, you will determine how best to establish a strong rapport with the target population from the vignette.

With these thoughts in mind:

  • Consider the situation described in Vignette 1: Community Health Clinic, found on page 132 of the Soriano text. The vignette identifies key barriers keeping African Americans and Asians from seeking health services.

Submit a 2- to 3-paragraph post that addresses the following:

  • Which qualitative research method do you think is most appropriate to address the questions raised in the vignette? Defend your answer.
  • How would you, as a researcher, establish rapport with a community or population so that you are able to effectively apply the research method you have selected? Use concrete examples of activities or behaviors that you would apply to build and establish rapport.


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