business communication evaluating a topic proposal

After reading the chapters and watching the videos for this week, read the assignment details for the upcoming Topic Proposal for the Recommendation Report and look carefully at the rubric.

Once you’re familiar with the genre and expectations for the assignment, carefully read and evaluate the attached topic proposal.

  1. For your initial discussion post, due end-of-day Thursday, provide an evaluation on the five criteria used in the rubric:
    1. Context
    2. Content
    3. Organization
    4. Style and Tone
    5. Delivery
  2. For your response, due end-or-day Saturday, read through all posts, then respond to two different people who made different evaluation than you did—suggestions that you feel is also good. Then, in your comments to two different people, explain:
    1. Why you think their evaluation in insightful.
    2. How you think it will help improve your group’s topic proposal.

The supporting materials for this discussion post include:

  • Chapter 1: “Succeeding in Business Communication”
  • Chapter 2: “Adapting Your Message to Your Audience”
  • Chapter 16 “Creating Visuals and Data Displays”
  • Chapter 15 “Researching Proposals and Reports”
  • Chapter 17 “Writing Proposals and Progress Reports”

English 302 Topic Proposal.pdf


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