business law irac response 1

be sure to include the following 4 elements:1) Legal Issue 2) Rule 3) Analysis 4) Conclusion.


  1. D is walking down a street when he hears the following conversation from around the corner: “Give me your wallet and valuables or I’ll kill you.” D rushes around the corner and sees X cowering against a building with V standing over him. Actually, X and V are friends, practicing their parts for the school play. But D jumps V from behind and injures V’s back. V has an exceptionally fragile back from a previous injury and wears a brace constantly.

X runs into a nearby store to get help and the shopkeeper, alarmed at X’s frantic entry and appearance, hits an electronic system that is supposed to lock all entrances. In fact, the front entrance is not locked, as the device is defective, but as another customer attempts to leave the shopkeeper says, “That door has been electronically sealed. No one may leave until I say so.” The customer is petrified and is sleepless for days afterward. What is the liability of D and the shopkeeper?


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