Business of Nurse Management Academic Essay


Outcomes and evidencing your opinions and statements with references that are appropriately cited is a core outcome for earning your MSN degree. So, when you want a post to count as substantial just check it over before posting –

Some reference sources maybe repetitive, only need (2) references per question which most are already given.

Does it meet the word count (195 or more words not including the reference or the question)?

is it on topic and concise?

Have you used a reference from a peer reviewed source outside or from the course readings to support your thoughts?

Have you cited your source where the source is paraphrased or quoted within your text?

Allow quotes to be appropriately cited, with the page and paragraph the quote came from?

Each question also need to be formatted in APA 6th edition.

Provide good American grammar usage and accurate punctuation.

Sentences have structure that is clear, logical, and easy to follow.

Question 1

Strategic Initiatives


Bateman, N. (2012). The Business of Nurse Management: A Toolkit for Success. New York, NY: Springer.

Which resources might be used in nursing or health care settings to support an organization’s strategic initiatives? How are decisions made to allocate these resources efficiently? Once resource allocation decisions are made, who is responsible for the execution and evaluation of the decisions? What happens when changes occur in factors affecting resource allocation?

Question 2

Resource Management (Chapter 8)


Bateman, N. (2012). The Business of Nurse Management: A Toolkit for Success. New York, NY: Springer.

Efficiency in patient throughput is an inherent part of effective resource management. Pick a process or department in a facility you have worked for and discuss patient throughput and the processes that were effective or where improvement was needed. How will resource management be a component of your practicum project? What will you need to consider related to effective resource management?

Question 3

Six Sigma (Chapter 9)


Bateman, N. (2012). The Business of Nurse Management: A Toolkit for Success. New York, NY: Springer.

What has been your experience, if any, with Six Sigma? How is Six Sigma valuable to the health care industry? How will you use Six Sigma as part of your practicum project?

Question 4

Decision analysis

Griffin, S., Claxton, K., &Sculpher, M. (2008).Decision analysis for resource allocation in health care.Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, 13(3), 23-30.

Summarize the article. Explain how it is related to a needs assessment. How would you incorporate this in how Diabetes Mellitus and the medical techs caring for them or how does this effect the Time Clocks (Swiping in Swiping Out staff.

Question 5


Budgets affect every aspect of organizational operation, including strategic initiatives and resource allocation. To what degree are you aware of or involved in the budgetary process in your organization? In your opinion, how well does the leadership in your organization aIDress budgeting? What cutbacks or redesigns have taken place due to budgetary issues? How were those changes instituted by the leadership in your organization? Consider leadership styles, adherence to organizational goals, alignment with strategic initiatives, and redistribution and allocation of resources

Question 6

Efficient Staffing Plans(Chapter 1)

What are some best practices for efficient staffing plans? What staffing plan models have you seen used? Were they effective? How will staffing plans and/or productivity measures be a factor for your practicum project


Bateman, N. (2012). The Business of Nurse Management: A Toolkit for Success. New York, NY: Springer.

Question 7

Productivity Measures and Staffing PlansChapter 1)

Staffing plans and productivity measures are interlinked responsibilities for nurse managers. How is productivity measured? How can you increase productivity through effective staffing plans?

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