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Topic: Career Development & Plannin
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In module one, some of your readings focused on self-assessment as a foundation for greater personal insight. The readings in module three offered an in-depth perspective on the value of diversity and examined the personal and social implications of living in a diverse world.
In this module, we will continue to thread those themes and develop the concepts by understanding more about the impact that self-assessment and various social learning experiences have on your career development and planning. By examining elements that influence learning and growth, you can ascertain how these factors have helped to shape your interests, abilities, and overall career awareness. This knowledge may affirm your current educational and career goals, or lead you to consider other options.
Do the steps in the career development process make sense? Can you see how the steps connect and assist in moving you forward towards your personal and professional goals?
Even if you are in a career that you like and plan to continue, why is it important to understand these steps?
What personal factors and life experiences can affect your career choice and your future career trajectory? Consider the four main factors of influence that were presented in Krumbotlz’s social learning theory in the PowerPoint. 

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