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Topic: Social and Cultural Variables

Identify the  social and cultural variables at your internship site (include variables  such as age, gender, ethnicity, culture, family status, economic  status, etc. as applicable). Consider these questions:

Are there differences between the clients served and the staff serving the clients? Does this make an impact on the delivery of services? How do the social realities around the site (local customs, social  status, cultural ‘realities’) impact the clients in your site? How do they impact delivery of services?

Find 1 peer-reviewed article that relates to the importance of  awareness of social and cultural differences. In 1 sentence, what did  you learn from that article?

Thread must be 250 words in length and demonstrate coure related knowledge.

This is what I do at my intern site below:

 My  duties in the Radiation Oncology department are to perform a variety of  clerical tasks to process patients for their radiology appointments. I  interviews and registers patients and compassionately interacting with  patients and their families. I confirm with the patient all applicable  medical insurance company information and accurately entering data into  the computer. I multi-task and adjust priorities with attention to  detail. I communicate in a professional, positive and respectful manner  with patients and offices. I provide consistent excellent customer  service in a variety of situations. I assure hospital compliance with  Medicare Secondary Payor (MSP), HIPAA Privacy Standards, Patient Bill of  Rights and Responsibilities, Advance Directives, Consent to Treat,  EMTALA, JCAHO Requirements. Ensures each patient completes HIPAA  acknowledgement and offers financial assistance information. 


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