Communicative Disorders

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In this week’s reading, you discovered techniques that are appropriate for teaching children with communicative disorders. You also learned about the Working Memory Theory and its application to language development, including strategies to enhance the children’s working memory. The role of the early childhood professional was emphasized in the assessment and referral process. Based on your reading, please respond to the following:

After reading the article by Montgomery, Magimairaj, and Finney found in your library reading this week , please respond to the following :

·       Explain how understanding the conceptual model of working memory helps you in selecting strategies to take in helping a child that may have a communicative disorder. Please give an example of a strategy that you might use with a child with a specific communicative disorder.

·       Construct a scenario of a team approach that could be developed when working with a child that has a specific communicative disorder. You should identify the communicative disorder that the child has in this scenario and provide research and techniques/strategies that are known to be effective with this type of communicative disorder.


·       Evaluate the benefits for family and children in being connected to organizations associated with a specific communicative disorder. These organizations can be found from the list in your chapter reading or from an internet search.




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