comparison of psychological and physical health 3

Comparison of Psychological and Physical Health

One in three people in the United States are reported to have some diagnosable psychological disorder.  This means each one of us either has a family member or close friend who has a psychological disorder.  You have all also undoubtedly had experience with friends or family members who have had medical illnesses.  Please respond to the following questions. 

  1. How are patients with psychological disorders treated differently than are patients with medical illnesses?
  2. Visitation by non-family members is considered a positive support action that is encouraged and appreciated when we have a close friend in a medical hospital.  Would similar support be sought if the family member was in a mental hospital?  Discuss your thoughts on this subject.
  3. This next section will require some online research.  Do medical hospitals have the same levels of support staff that mental hospitals have?  How much are medical nurses paid?  What is the ratio of patients to nurses?  How much are mental health workers paid?  What is the ratio of mental patients to mental health workers?  Make sure you include the URLs for the websites you used to conduct your research.  Discuss your findings.  Please make sure that you use your own words, your paper will go to Turnitin before it comes to me.  

 Your paper should be at least 500 words.


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