Conceptual Approaches to Learning (Wk-1-Assignment) (11-2-18)

  Conceptual Approaches to Learning

Submit a 3-4 page paper (excluding the cover sheet and reference page) discussing the conceptual differences and similarities between cognitive, behavioral, and neuroscience approaches to learning. Describe the four components of learning as they appear in each approach. Concentrate on the different areas that each approach emphasizes or deems most important in the learning process. Provide an example of real-life learning from the lens of a cognitive approach.

The paper should have a minimum of one reference in addition to the textbook.

Point Value of this Assignment: 8————————————————————————————————————————————————————-  Resources Readings Textbook:
Terry, W.S. (2018). Learning & memory: Basic principles, processes, and procedures. (5th ed.) United Kingdom: Routledge.
         Chapter 1: Introduction
         Chapter 2: Habituation and Other Forms of Stimulus Learning Multimedia Video:
Discovering Psychology: Learning: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
This video is an overview of Learning Theory in Psychology. Click “view programs,” click “Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition,” Find the assigned video for the week and click on the VoD icon (make sure pop up blocker is off). 


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