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Assignment 1 Modify Annotated Bibliography

Please separate them out.  100 WORDS

Planning Activity

For this activity, you will gather research sources for the Rogerian Argument Essay and modify the annotated bibliography you created for Unit 1. Use the OCCC library and choose reliable, academic sources. For research help, start with the OCCC library videos located on the Great Resources page.

For the Rogerian Argument essay, and this bibliography assignment, use the same topic you used for your Classical Argument essay; (the topic was the importance of college degree, you wrote this essay for me) however, expand the focus of your research in two ways:

to educate yourself about alternate/opposite perspectives on the issue
to discover and communicate the state or national impact of this issue.
You may continue to use any sources from your existing Annotated Bibliography that are still useful to you; however, you must end up with a minimum of four scholarly sources that you will use in this essay.

The topic used for your Classical Argument essay is the same topic you will use for the Rogerian Argument essay. Once you are familiar with the goal of a Rogerian Argument and the Rogerian Argument outline, you will need to do additional research to prepare to write this essay, starting with modifying your annotated bibliography.
Re-examine your existing annotated bibliography and decide where you need to do more research to fill in the gaps of your knowledge of the issue on the state/national level, and to have a balance of evidence for supporting both sides of the issue as well as your proposed compromise.
Use the OCCC library databases or ebsco host to gather as many additional sources as you will need, keeping in mind that this essay requires a minimum of 4 sources and that you can continue to use any of your existing sources that remain useful for this essay. Within the library’s website, the “Gale: Opposing Viewpoints” database is a good place to start for Rogerian argument research materials. Note that its purpose is to provide multiple viewpoints on each topic, which is the goal of your research.
Add your new sources to the bibliography, completing the citations and annotations in the same way you did when you first compiled your bibliography in Unit 1.

Assignment 2 – Analyzing the Rogerian Argument

200 words

Before you begin: Read/watch one of the following:

Text: “Redefining the American Dream”
( – tell me if this link doesn’t work

Video: “Demand a Fair Trade Cell Phone”

Video: “When I Die, Recompose Me”

Although the text you will analyze will not follow the outline for writing a Rogerian Argument Essay for ENGL 1113, the text will contain the main elements of a Rogerian Argument.  As a student, the purpose of doing this textual analysis is for you to practice recognizing the elements of a Rogerian Argument so that you can incorporate them into the essay you will begin to write next week.  In particular, notice how both sides of an issue are presented fairly, and how the writer/speaker presents a compromise or solution that helps both parties move forward.

You will need to recall textual analysis terminology (claim, sub claims, evidence) and review the outline for the Rogerian Argument essay in order to complete this exercise.


Each of the questions below corresponds to a particular section of the Rogerian Argument outline, although the sections may not appear in this order in the text being analyzed. Use this exercise to analyze how a Rogerian Argument can help groups caught in disagreement to move towards a solution or compromise and use what you learn when you write your essay.

Initial Post: Answer the following questions in your initial post. Properly introduce and punctuate direct quotes using correct MLA-style format. Do not use first- or second-person pronouns.

What is the main problem/issue addressed in this text? When, where, how did this problem arise, and who or what is affected by it?
What is the main claim of each of the two (or more) positions on this issue currently?
Does the author seem to prefer one perspective over the other? Does the author remain respectful of each perspective even if his/her preference is clear? What types of evidence does the author use to show that each perspective has validity? (see “Terminology for Textual Analysis” PDF in the Learning Materials section).
Does the author concede to some aspect of the perspective that he/she doesn’t prefer? Identify a phrase or sentence that indicates the author’s respectful concession and quote it. Integrate the quote into a complete sentence and insert a correct parenthetical citation.
What kinds of contrast words/phrases does the author use to show that he/she doesn’t prefer this perspective (although, however, despite, unfortunately, on the other hand, etc.)
What goal or value does the author identify as being shared by both sides?
What solution or compromise does the author propose? What type of claim does the author use when proposing their solution or compromise?

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