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1. The Internet of everything (IOE) has created a lot of excitement in the business community. What evidence could you present to show why IOE contributes to successful business operations? Give an example of one specific industry.

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What are 3 major legal and social concerns surrounding the use of IOE and its business applications in this industry?

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“The Internet of Everything is the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things. ” (Banafa, 2016) All in all, the phrase describes how the whole world is connected by one thing-the internet. the largest benefits organizations can benefit from is the use of technology with the IOE. The technology industry is evolving every day more and more and most organizations are just trying to keep up with it. Technology industries will be able to save money and help its employees evolve around the new technology created. Businesses will be able to operate successfully by revolving around the IOE benefits and how it meets with the needs of the public. In Example in Barcelona, Spain, a smart bus company tracks the new bus routes in the city to be able to provide accurate bus-time information for its citizens. Barcelona is working together with the company Cisco to advance its protocol in the transportation system to create a new “smart city.” They’re working together for more things other than the bus transportation system, they’re also working together to improve rain water usage, parking in the city, internet, etc.


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