Criminal Justice reform

Please use own words please list reference sources , quotes in-text citations .Problem Memo analysis for Criminal Justice reform please use the sources I provided . Please discuss the history or reform and how it has affected society

There is a highlight of the different stories behind the reform in the criminal justice area. Understanding them is important in addressing this aspect. The source is highly credible because of the various references used.
Naughton, Michael. “Criminologizing wrongful convictions.” British Journal of Criminology 54.6 (2014): 1148-1166.

The article is about future reforms that are likely to transform the USA’s criminal justice aspect. The expectations of the Americans are high and they need to be met with utmost diligence. The references add to the source credibility.
Kassin, Saul M. “False confessions: Causes, consequences, and implications for reform.” Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences 1.1 (2014): 112-121.

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