Criticle analysis 1&2

Here’s an article to choose a social construct : IS A TWO PART ESSAY> THEY NEED TO BE SEPERATE DOCUMENTS> One is 4 pages and one is 2-3 pages. please read and follow instructionsCritical Thinking Assignment & Reflection StatementPart I Critical AnalysisWrite a 4-page critical analysis of the major ideas and suggestions regarding, Difference as Social Construct.Assignment details:1. Select one of the social constructs we have discussed. Include an Introduction of your topic with a purpose statement.2. Provide evidence from 2 scholarly sources while thoroughly questioning and synthesizing the sources. Yes, you can use the same articles used for your research poster. 3. State your own opinions while, at the same time, taking into account the complexities of the issue.4. Thoroughly analyze and reflect on your own and other’s assumptions and evaluate the relevance of contexts when presenting a position. 5. Reflect on the consequences and implications of the issue on today’s society and future generations. 6. State your own position statement related to the social construct you’ve selected. Use the Critical Thinking VALUE rubric to guide your thinking and reflection.Part II Reflection Statement (2-3 pages)After you complete the “critical analysis” portion, reflect and score your own critical thinking skills by using the Critical Thinking VALUE rubric. Include in your reflection:1. A score for each of the criteria on the Critical thinking VALUE rubric. 2. An examination of your learning process regarding critical thinking; what learning occurred, how learning occurred, and how newly acquired knowledge or learning altered existing knowledge. 3. Identify how you have grown as a learner and a professional during your course work inregards to critical thinking. Give one example. 4. Identify how you plan to apply what you have learned from participating in the assignment to your future goals. Give one detailed example.The critical thinking assignment u choose a social construct of ur choice and write about it 🙂  u also write a reflection and grade urself using the rubricPLAGERISM REPORT NEEDED. CITATION APA.I posted CRITICAL THINKING VALUE RUBRIC to guide you and to be used to grade yourself in the essay.


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