current function of communication errors and other human factors can cause runway incursion 1

Current function of Communication Errors and other Human Factors can cause Runway Incursion

Problem Statement

A runway incursion is an incident at an aerodrome which involves the presence of communication failure, poor lighting or distractions on the shielded surface area of the designated landing and takeoff area of airplane. Is it possible to avoid or less this situation? What is the best way to reduce or prevent the runway incursion every day?

The FAA document shows that Runway safety is a significant challenge and a top priority for everyone in aviation. In the United States, an average of three runway incursions occur daily. Each of these incidents have the potential to cause significant damage to both persons and property. Runway incursions are a serious safety concern and have involved air carrier aircraft, military aircraft, general aviation (GA), and pedestrian vehicles.

Purpose Statement

The objective of this project is to research what kind of the function of Communication Errors and other Human Factors can cause Runway Incursion and how human error can create runway incursions. The project will seek to identify the best way help the aviators prevent runway incursion during work. The goal is to find the source of the human factor and limit the amount of runway incursion.

The objective will be researched, and critical thinking applied to the data and information in the context of the 4 Core Program Outcomes of Aeronautical Science, Aviation Legislation and Law, Aviation Safety, and Operations and Management.


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