data analysis for office discipline

Please review all attachments they will provide you will clear insight and a Template to the assignment as well as the data you need to analyze.

For this week’s written assignment, assume you are candidate for the position of principal at a hypothetical school called Lacy School. (You may regard it as elementary or high school, depending upon your own

orientation.) You have been asked to review and provide an analysis on data related to discipline at this school. You will begin by analyzing three years of their office discipline referral data in order to identify trends and assess for disproportionality among ethnic and gender student groups. You will then conduct your own research to identify 1.) the top five major disciplinary issues among elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools in general (your choice of level), and 2.) major responses of these schools to these disciplinary issues with respect to their student groups. Finally, you will discuss your personal perspective on the greatest issue in school discipline today.

You are officially addressing any reader interested in perusing your analysis. Our concern for this paper is less to solve the problems than it is to identify and analyze them, though you should speculate to some extent upon your reasons why the data looks like it does. What is happening at this school? You want to use the data to spot either good or bad discipline factors at this school—-perhaps practices that may lie hidden within the data. Follow your Template below and elaborate to the extent described here.


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