Data and inferential statistics | Computer Science homework help

Consider this dataset which includes information about passengers of the Titanic.

Create a Jupyter notebook file that contains the following:

Python code to clean the data, remove any missing values, then find the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and variance of each numerical column in the dataset.

As the dataset doesn’t contain the weight of adult passengers who were on the ship, and given the fact that the average weight of adults between ages 20 and 50 is 90kg (with a 50kg variance), write Python code to generate a number of weights equal to the number of records in the dataset using normal distribution that simulates the actual population.

Find the probability of having someone of a weight less than 50kg.

Find the probability of having someone of a weight between 100kg and 120kg.

Find the probability of having someone of a weight that’s exactly 77.7kg.

Important Notes:

A description of the data is available at

Submit only one .ipynb file that includes all the code and be sure not to submit any other file format.

Be sure to include a clear explanation before each step you perform in a markdown cell in the file.

Be sure to include your name, the date, your class section, and the name of your program at the top of your file in the first cell of the file (markdown cell).

Be sure to add a table of contents at the second cell in the file (markdown cell).





No Plagiarism, with code if needed.


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