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In order for some people to cope with a given situation, they will sometimes create a “defense mechanism.” A defense mechanism is a way to essentially put up a wall to prevent your emotional status to crumble. I, like I’m sure at least a few of you have had a point in your life where the pressure got to be to much and you had some sort of breakdown.

Now that time has passed, when you are faced with a situation similar to what caused to to break down, will try to avoid it by one of the methods in which have been determined, such as denial, where you tell yourself that it is not happening and you become convinced that everything is fine, although it may not be. Projection occurs when you cast your feelings about the situation onto another cause or person, taking your anger and frustration out on that particular thing.

There are a few other defense mechanisms that our book speaks of, but I believe denial is the most common. After some of the events that have occurred in my life, denial is usually the defense mechanism I tend to turn to, after all, you cannot breakdown if you believe there is nothing wrong.

I believe that the psychoanalytic theory is a good way to interpret this example because when you look in depth you will see that more people than not will have a defense mechanism when faced with a traumatic event, and understanding the reasons as to why and ow to help them get through it is pertinent to helping them come to terms with what they are facing.


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