defines Sociological perspective Soc1 Discussion Response

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With the recent supreme court ruling just last year on same sex marriage in all 50 states is a huge movement for our society as a whole. It defines “Sociological perspective”. In my opinion it’s only fare. Let love be love. Same-sex partners that can be married now can help boost the economy in many ways. Purchase a house together, adopt children and have the same health insurance with so other many benefits, which will influence and have an effect in society as a whole. All of these things could be done before with a same-sex couple not being married, but denying their rights and not letting them live as a “traditional married couple” can have a huge impact on society. The couple might not want to buy a house or live as they could when they’re married if they’re not married. IF they do, then they can be restricted from filing their taxes together as a married couple. Health insurance is a big one. Same sex couples that could benefit from being married so both partners have access to full coverage health insurance was another big win. Before the supreme court ruling last year in my state of Ohio, same sex marriage was not allowed at the federal or state level. It was baned by state law. Some other states recognized same sex marriage on a state level and not a federal level and some recognized both. Now, every state recognizes same-sex marriage and I think it’s certainly the right direction to go, not only for the sake of equal human rights, but for society which all makes up the sociological perspective. 


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