diet analysis project 3

Diet Analysis Project, submit project through Blackboard Assignments: Keep a one-day record of food and beverage intake. Analyze it for nutrient content using a diet analysis program like My Fitness Pal (


Set up an account in the tracker of your choice (instructor approval of app required if other than Myfitnesspal or chronometer)

Choose a day to write down everything you eat and drink for that day, including amounts, brands, and portion sizes. Refer to Appendix E in your book for details on how to measure the foods and beverages you consume.

Use the Daily Food Log included with this assignment to record your foods, adding more rows as necessary.

Once you have recorded all your meals for the day, enter your foods and beverages into the dietary analysis program. You may not find all the exact foods/beverages but just enter the closest thing.

Do this until all your foods are entered. Once you’re done, save reports on your intake as word or pdf files. to be included with your Project 1 to be turned in. Save the report to your computer.

Now use your Intake Report to see how you can improve your diet. Which nutrients are you over on and which are you under? Using and your textbook/lecture notes, re-do the day of foods/beverages by choosing items that should improve your intake. You can either try to consume the actual day of foods or just design the menu.

Now go back to your diet analysis program and enter in your revised menu. Save your Nutrient Report for that day to be turned in as well.

Project 1 will be submitted through Blackboard. Project 1 should be submitted as all one file. Go to Assignments and click on Project 1.

What’s to be turned in for Project 1:

Record of all food and beverages consumed on one day as turned in from the Daily Food Log you used.

Nutrition analysis of your diet (Nutrient Intake Report #1).

A brief description (1 paragraph) of how your diet could be improved including what food groups and nutrients you need to increase or decrease. Also include a description of ways you can achieve these improvements such as eating fruit with breakfast or packing your lunch instead of frequenting fast food restaurants.

A copy of your new, “improved” diet. Please list all the foods and beverages you would consume on one day and how much you would consume (i.e. 1 cup of milk or 1 slice of bread). Use the Daily Food Log again for this.

A copy of the nutrition analysis of your “improved” diet (Nutrient Intake Report #2).

A brief report (1 page) that addresses:

A. Were you surprised at how much or how little your diet needed improving?

B. What feelings trigger you to eat when you’re not hungry?

C. What foods do you consume when you are happy, sad, bored, etc.?

D. Do you skip meals? If so, why?

E. How do money and time play a role in your eating?


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