Discuss confidentiality.

On page 659 of your Applied Behavior Analysis text, there are three scenarios that contain ethical dilemmas. Choose one of the three and discuss how the issues could be resolved ethically. Be sure to cite at least three different guidelines that you addressed in your answer. Try to choose a different scenario and different guidelines from your classmates.

Another issue that has always been an ethical imperative is confidentiality. With the HIPAA law, confidentiality has become even more important. Not only is it an ethical imperitive, it is also a legal one. Breaking confidentiality can lead to career-ending consequences if you are not informed. Discuss confidentiality. What are the limits of it and is it ever appropriate to break it?




The post Discuss confidentiality. appeared first on Term Paper Tutors.

The post Discuss confidentiality. first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.


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