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Your participation on the Discussion Boards is important to the shared learning experience. It improves the value of the online learning experience, and it is important for your success in the program. Please follow the guidelines and expectations posted in the announcements to ensure your posts are meeting the length, depth, and formatting requirements for Discussion Board.

Addictive disorders are becoming increasingly pervasive. They include addictions to alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medication, as well as food, compulsive gambling and a wide range of other substances and behaviors. Please choose an addiction. Then discuss why people become addicted, what keeps them addicted, and how addiction can impact those around the addict.

After reading the Nissen (2014) article, choose one of the articles listed in the bibliography of the Nissen (2014). Go to the Library and find that article. Read, reflect and evaluate on the information shared in the article. Share your understanding of the approach discussed in the article. Discuss how you see the information in the article may apply with regard to intervention, prevention, and/or treatment to a specific addictive population.


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