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Use economic concepts that you acquired in this class to answer the following question. You must also supplement your text with researched information that will support your arguments:

Describe the positive or negative impact(s) of international trade or of globalization on a country or region of your choice.

You should include all of the following in your text, but can choose to incorporate additional information so as to provide a more complete response:

  • Briefly describe the country or region of your choice by focusing on that country’s trade patterns with one or many of its important trade partner(s). You must use statistical data in part to address this point.
  • Incorporate at least one economic theory learned in class and explain it in the context of trade in the country or region that you chose.
  • Describe the positive or negative impact(s) that international trading or that globalization has had for that country or for that region.
  • Make a normative assessment by recommending a policy that you believe would help to mitigate the negative impacts or amplify the benefits of globalization for the country or region that you have chosen.


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