discussion life in extreme environments

Everything we know about life comes from studying our own planet. Recent

discoveries about life forms in extreme environments have renewed scientists’

interest in looking for life elsewhere.

Organisms that thrive in a wide variety of harsh conditions –called

extremophiles—are broadening scientists’ understanding of the diverse

environmental conditions life can withstand. Scientists have had to modify their

theories and expand their view of what types of environments are habitable based on

the new information presented by the existence of extremophiles.

Watch the following 1.5 minute NOVA video on extremophiles. Complete your initial

post by answering the questions below:

Life’s Extreme Environments



ï‚· What is an extremophile?

ï‚· What kinds of extreme environments can life thrive in?

ï‚· Explain why the study of extreme environments on Earth is important to the search

for life on other planets. Do you think this could change the way scientists view our

understanding of life? Why or why not?

300 words


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