discussion should include at least 150 words

Please read the passages below and answer the discussion question.

“More than 3.6 million middle and high school students currently use e-cigarettes, according to the latest National Youth Tobacco Study. Another national study last year found that 11 percent of high school seniors, 8 percent of 10th-graders, and 3.5 percent of eighth-graders vaped with nicotine during a previous one month period. The worrying part? Young people think vaping is mostly harmless.”

“Yale health researchers who study the health effects of vaping and e-cigarettes agree: Vape devices have not been proven to help adult smokers quit smoking. Moreover, vaping increases the risk a teen will smoke regular cigarettes later.”

Krishnan-Sarin points that “We have a lot of evidence showing that the adolescent brain is extremely sensitive to the effects of nicotine,” she says, adding that the brain doesn’t stop growing until around age 25. “Studies have shown us that nicotine can interfere with memory and attention processing.”

“Probably the worst thing a parent could do for their child would be to buy an e-cigarette under the misconception that this might prevent them from smoking regular cigarettes, Krishnan-Sarin says. She encourages parents to talk openly and freely about vaping—with the caveat that they provide accurate information.”

Dr. Baldassarri suggests explaining the addictive nature of vaping, which would mess with the one thing teens crave the most: independence. “In some ways, when you get addicted to a drug, it’s like losing your freedom of choice,” he says. “The risk of losing that freedom might be a persuasive message for kids.”

Raven, K. (2019). Teen Vaping Linked to More Health Risks. Retrieved from https://www.yalemedicine.org/stories/teen-vaping/ (Links to an external site.)

For the full text, please go to https://www.yalemedicine.org/stories/teen-vaping/ (Links to an external site.)

Research shows that teen vaping has reached epidemic levels.

(1) What are some possible causes of teen vaping? (2) What would be the first step to prevent teen vaping and to protect adolescents from it?


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