edit add to a persuasive speech 1

Assignment: To persuade meat eaters that a plant based diet is healthier.

Feedback i’ve received:

I should incorporate my real life experience into my speech, my background, i’ve been vegetarian since last year in december although i recognize animal cruelty that was not the main reason i switched. My main reason was to live a healthier life and i didnt think eating animals was the way to do it.

I’ve also gotten feedback from my teacher stating i should also consider people that are already vegan/vegetarian and incorporate them in my speech. So i need some help with this!

Some people have also told me that my input towards the end isn’t exactly a credible source. But i’ve begged to differ since i feel like it adds a personal appeal to my speech. If you disagree please edit that subpoint and provide a reliable source coming from original research.

Others have told me that my citation is too lengthy and takes away from my entire speech leaving little to no input from myself. If you agree feel free to edit.


Edit and add credible sources

Cite in APA

Provide feedback

Tweek the speech as needed

reliable sources include, periodicals, scholarly journals, original research, databases, catalogs, and books.

Must stay within the same concept, Im pushing vegetarianism but since i realize this is a big step for anyone i settled for something like meatless mondays or eating no meat on the weekends etc. I still want the main point to stay the same.

The Speech when read out loud has to be between 6-8 minutes long so please don’t go overboard.


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