Effective criminal profilers are at describing murderers


There is a great deal of debate over how effective criminal profilers are at describing murderers. This issue was the center of a number of legal cases, such as Ohio v. Shelton , Louisiana v. Code, and Delaware v. Pennell, pertaining to whether criminal profilers should be considered expert witnesses. The ruling in these cases indicated that:
Since profiling is more of an art than a science, criminal profilers cannot be considered expert witnesses
Since profilers are highly trained and relatively accurate, they can act as expert witnesses in court cases
Since profiling is relatively new, more evidence needs to be gathered before legal decisions can be made about profilers serving as expert witnesses
Since profiling usually produces a very accurate depiction of murderers, profiles can be brought in as evidence, but criminal profilers cannot serve as expert witnesses
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The most effective method of improving the accuracy of criminal profiling is by:
Consulting mental health professionals
Integrating comprehensive theories of personality
Relying on eyewitness testimonies
Focusing on a broader range of suspects
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Substantive courses on criminal profiling have expanded and are more accessible today than they were in the past partially because of:
Federal grants
State grants
Certification requirements
Online courses
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Computerized profiling may be considered an effective method in the future because:
It can process all elements of a crime to create a profile of the murderer.
It can provide law enforcement agents with a way to create a profile at the scene of the crime.
It will make criminal profiling more of an art than a science.
It will eliminate human error.
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Recently, criminal profilers have tried to profile where the murderer resides. This type of profiling is referred to as:
Home profiling
Neighborhood profiling
Community profiling
Geographic profiling
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A new computer program called Criminal Geographic Targeting (CGT) helps create a geographic profile of a suspect. This information allows law enforcement agents to focus on:
A specific street on which the offender likely lives
A specific area in which the offender likely lives
A specific area where the offender will choose the next victim
A specific area where the offender will likely dispose of the next victim
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Which of the following changes to criminal profiling would make it more scientific?
If colleges offered more courses on criminal profiling
If the FBI provided more training strategies for law enforcement agents
If mental health and law enforcement professionals cooperated more with criminal profilers
If criminal profilers joined law enforcement departments
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There is some evidence indicating that serial and mass murderers kill because:
They want to become famous.
They secretly want to be incarcerated.
They want to denigrate and demean their parents.
They want to instill fear in society.
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Criminal profiling is often considered more of an art than a science. However, the publication of the _______________ has transformed criminal profiling into more of a science.
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
Uniform Crime Report
Crime Classification Manual
Criminal Typology Manual
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Historically, most profiles were created for murderers and rapists. Relatively recently, the scope of profiling has been expanded to include what other types of crimes?
Bank robbery
Drug use
White-collar crime




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