english essay 200

The Essay: Write an informative essay of five to six typed pages of text (not including the Works Cited Page.

Use MLA format for font (Times New Roman at 12 cpi) and margins (one inch all around) and MLA-style documentation.

Theme and Ides:

I am considering writing on how technology has impacted our brain, in shaping our memory, attention, thought and attitude.

I think that technology is changing the way people communicate, the problem is that no one knows if the changeis for better or worse.

Number of Sources: At least five + sources from which you quote, summarize or paraphrase. This is the minimum; you

may use more sources if you need them.

Integration of Sources into the essay: Paraphrase, summarize, and quote using correct parenthetical and textual citations. Use no more than two (2) lengthy quotations (4+ lines). No lengthy quotation should exceed eight (8) lines. If you need more information from a lengthy passage, paraphrase or summarize.

You MUST use the Sources from the previous work.



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