Assume it is 31st December 2014. You are a portfolio manager in a fund of mutual funds. A client approaches you with £1M to invest from 1st January 2015. Construct a portfolio of equity mutual funds taking into account your client’s risk profile, using 20 funds of your choice. The client has an investment horizon of three years. Portfolio returns should be monthly and portfolio should be rebalanced once a year in December, until you reach the end of investment horizon on 31st December 2017. In each year, there should always be no less than 10-15 funds in the portfolio. At the end of the three years, you should produce a report to the client in which you will:
Discuss your client’s risk profile and investment objectives.
Explain the strategic asset allocation strategy you have applied.
Produce and discuss a pie chart of average allocation over three year period (e.g. 20% global funds, 30% high income funds, 5% growth funds……) and insight into how your tactical asset allocations were changing from year to year.
Calculate 1) the expected return, 2) value of £1M invested at the end of three year period, 3) systematic, 4) unsystematic risk of your portfolio over the three year period.



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