essay on political economy question

I am sending the chapter attached to this email. Please use just the text from Chapter 2 and DO NOT COPY anything from the internet. After reading the chapter, answer the following questions and send those to me in writing:

1 What are the major differences between classical political economy and neoclassical economics?

2 What is it about the deductive form of the market model that gives it a unique quality in the social sciences?

3 Define briefly each of the premises or assumptions of the market model.

4 Describe the three roles that drive the decisions within the market.

5 Discuss the interactions among households and productive organizations in the market model.

6 Explain how the markets for products and resources are central to the decision-making processes of the market.

7 Explain how the process of economic growth works in the market. Include the roles of banks, bonds, stocks, and derivatives.


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