Find an example of a priority queue, share & explain the situation where your example is utilized.

Part 1: Priority Queue

There are many reasons to use a priority queue.  For this discussion question, find an example of a priority queue.

Note:  either use one from your work experience or research one.

  • Share & Explain the situation where your example is utilized.
  • Discuss why a priority queue benefits the users in this situation.

Part 2: Respond to two peer discussion posts

Peer 1 David

In the programming world priority queues are used when using the Dijkstra’s Algorithm. But if we talk about real world applications a hospital is a great example. Think about the ER. People coming in are not taken in to see the doctor in the order they came in at. They are taken based on the severity of what brought them there. That means it is not a typical queue which is FIFO, each person has their own priority. If someone comes to the hospital for something minor like a migraine that won’t go away and then someone comes in that can’t breathe, the first person is given a lesser priority and is bumped down the priority queue so to speak. This helps the people that really need it and the people that don’t, wait. Now this can be frustrating for the people that have to wait but the people that need it the most get it the fastest.

Peer 2 Toni

A Priority Queue is like a first come first serve until something comes more urgent then this is pushed ahead. for example in a emergency room they take the worst first. In this case if the worst was someone that fell and broke a arm then they would become more of a priority then a person that had a splinter. Although if someone with a heart attack came in they would come in before the broken arm person. because I have not done much programming I have never used this so giving a real life example could be all I can give.


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