Forum 5; 250 words; must be completed 6/18/18 by 8:00 pm

 Read the following 3 selections from Starkey’s text: “Joyas Voladoras” (p. 191), “The Burnt Plane” (p. 241), and “First Love” (pp. 243–45). Then, select 1 of the 3 essays to explicate through close reading. Per Sellers’ guidance on pp. 47–48 and Starkey’s Chapter 3, explain the synergistic chemistry that takes place in creative nonfiction between truthful imagery, setting, characterization, and conflict in order to produce insight. Think about insight as a theme or a key message that can be gleaned from the sum of all other literary elements employed in a creative nonfiction essay. Your thread must be at least 250 words. Quote key words and brief passages to support your claims.