Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care year 2

Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care year 2


Assignment Brief
Assignment: A Care Study based on a package of care observed within the work place (2000 words) 40% weighting.


The topic will be talk about Learning Difficulties.

Learning Outcomes to be demonstrated.

1. Take an analytical and professional perspective on relationships as a care

2. Discuss methods of empowering patients/residents and service users to make
informed decisions.
3. Discuss statutory frameworks governing statutory, voluntary and private

4. Identify and discuss the implementation of informed interventions within health
and social care settings.

5. Discuss strategies for the development of a dynamic health and social care
Assignment Guidelines

In this assignment you are asked to write a Care Study based on a package of care observed in a care setting. The care study should discuss the total care given to the individual including the planning of care together with the actions plans to meet the assessed needs of the individual within the context of the learning outcomes.
The care study can be presented as a report or in an essay format. The writing style should reflect the criteria for level 5 marking scheme. Hence your work should go beyond mere description of concepts /theories to comparing and contrasting of these theories/concepts.

Definition of care support and services for people who are affected by problems of ageing, disabilities, illnesses, diseases and or any social conditions , to be able to live independent lives in their own homes or homely surroundings .


In the introduction you will need to give a brief overview of what the reader is expected to read in the body of the assignment. This can be achieved by clearly stating the aims and purpose of the study followed by making a point that you want to demonstrate the learning outcomes in doing so.

Main Body

1. Your first task is to identify an individual in need of health and or social care and give a brief description of the package/s of care he/she is receiving. The package/s of care should explain why this is necessary, which needs are being met and what contribution this is making to the person’s life in general. This should clearly expose the complexities of the needs/problems faced by the individual. This should give you a rationale or justification for discussing Learning Outcome ONE (Professional/ perspective/ professional/ behaviour/ professional relationship/professional knowledge/skills/Professional values/ ethics / professional attitudes). You will need to give a clear definition of professional care and why this is important/necessary. As all of these concepts cannot be accommodated for discussion you will need to be selective and choose the most appropriate for your care study. This should be supported by evidence from your own reading of research reports/journal articles and academic texts.

2. This discussion should lead you to identify the concept of empowerment and how this can bring benefit to the individual. A clear definition of empowerment in relation to your care study is expected. The idea of choice, control, and person centered care, service user involvement, personalisation, care values (dignity, respect, compassion) can be compared and contrasted to demonstrate your critical understanding of these issues.

3. In the next stage of your discussion you will need to identify a national or local policy document that supports the provision of services you have discussed so far (Professional perspective and or empowerment).This policy document can also include Pova,Safeguarding issues relating to standards and rights of the individuals and or consent to treatment which can integrate Learning Outcome 4

4. As your discussion expands on the current care package meeting the current needs of the individual, your discussion will need to identify future changing needs of needs of the services user to demonstrate Learning Outcome 5.

5. Conclusion.

The conclusion needs to be clearly stated. In this section you are required to give a summary of the key concepts discussed and make recommendations in the light of the discussion.





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