Group communication


Explain research related to communication behaviors.
Apply concepts and theories of communication to culture, community, organizations, family, or self.
Evaluate one’s own competence in communication.
Select one of the content areas from the term that had an impact on your thinking and communication (expressing messages, listening, interpersonal, intercultural, gender, group, organizational, health, or media studies).
Conduct some research on the topic area, and utilize at least one journal article and two additional sources (for a total of three sources).
Write a paper that addresses the following:
What will your paper address, and how is this topic important to you personally?
Topic Analysis: communication area/behavior being addressed
Describe the importance of having strengths in this aspect of communication, and the consequences of a weakness in this aspect of communication.
Provide important definitions and explanations of theories.
This section should heavily address your research.
Based on the research you’ve done, how can communication be improved in the area/behavior you’ve identified?
Provide specific examples, and consider strategies that have practical application to your future communication.
Based on what you’ve learned about this topic, explain how you assess your own competence in this area of communication.
Describe how this assignment has helped your understanding of communication, and how this research can help you continue to improve upon the communication topic you selected.
Explain how improvements in this area of communication could improve either your relationships, the community, or organizations to which you belong.




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