Some points to which you MUST pay attention in writing the paper are:

  1. Be sure to use only “hard copy” [paperback hard copy] of The American Heritage Dictionary [either your own copy or one in the library].
  2. Be sure you use one and only one quotation per volume, of no more than two lines each.
  3. Be sure to follow the examples in MLA exactly for STYLE in all matters pertaining to the form of your paper, the parenthetical citations & the Works Cited references.
  4. 5.Be sure not use contractions in your formal writing.
  5. 6.Be sure not to use YOU as an indefinite pronoun!!

For ALL parenthetical citations in your text, please enter (1) the Last Name of the Author and (2) the page number. The only exception is for citations from the American Heritage Dictionary-which, uniquely, requires only the word you are defining [e.g.: (“Consciousness”)].

  1. The SUBJECT of paper is [GUSTAVE FLAUBERT – MADAME BOVARY]. The Topic of paper is: Ideals versus reality in the life of Emma Bovary

At least 3 pages for the paper


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