HCM320 Franklin International/Global Healthcare Policy Presentation

International/Global Healthcare Policy Presentation

Global health and healthcare policies play an important role for citizens around the world. Have you ever considered how global health initiatives impact the United States? Do you believe it impacts you or your loved ones?

Global policies address an array of health issues that include the management or spread of dangerous diseases, providing services for those in deeply rural areas, or any number of health concerns that impact vulnerable populations.

Create a PowerPoint Presentation of 8-10 slides that compares and contrasts the two healthcare organizations:

The Commonwealth Fund (https://www.commonwealthfund.org/), and

The Center for Global Development (https://www.cgdev.org/topics/global_health).

What is the purpose and structure of the organization?

·What are the goals of the organization? Why are these important to the organization?

·Who are the leading members? Please provide at least one example. Are these people based only in the Unites States or in other parts of the world? How would this impact US healthcare policy, in your view?

·Summarize the organization’s most significant accomplishments within the global healthcare policy arena.

·If you were a member on the board of this organization, what specific healthcare issue would you like to see as part of their purpose and mission? Please review.

Your PowerPoint presentation should be 8 to 10 slides in length, which does not include your title or reference slides. Slide notes should be presented in the speaker notes section of the PPT slides, which explain your slides and discusses the relevant issues in the assignment. The template should be formatted in APA style.

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