Health Behavior and Healthy Lifestyle

Assignment 2: Health Behavior and Healthy Lifestyle

Health behavior is the activity undertaken by a person who believes him or herself to be healthy for the purpose of preventing health problems (Kasl and Cobb, 1966). Healthy lifestyles, in turn, are ways of living that promote good health and longer life expectancy.

-How does a healthy lifestyle promote good health and a longer life expectancy?
*Justify your answer with examples and reasoning.
*Suggest and then briefly explain two theories that support this viewpoint.
-What are the various activities involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

The work of Weber and Bourdieu contributed to a model of health lifestyle formulated by Cockerham.

-What are the various components of this model?
-How effective is this model in the study of healthy behavior and a healthy lifestyle in the present day?


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