Health Needs of Women in the United States

Health Needs of Women in the United States

Project description
Identify one peer reviewed article from a nursing journal focused on the health needs of women in the United States.
Step 2 Read the article.
Critically read the article. For example, while you read, note the audience targeted by the article, the purpose of the article, how evidence is incorporated into the nursing implications, the major ideas of the article, whether the article makes sense, whether the conclusions are logical, and so on.
Step 3 Summarize the article.
Summarize the article, including the audience and purpose of the article, as well as the implications for population-based nursing. Based on the information in the article, propose one population-focused intervention. Make sure you properly cite the article in the format requested by your instructor.
Step 4 Post to the discussion forum.
Post the summary of your article to the discussion forum.

Please list references and APA style also please have the title be Health Needs of Women


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