Health Policy Issue Paper: Discuss social, economic, political, and ethical considerations/impact related to issue.

Health Policy Issue Paper Instructions

The Health Policy Issue Paper needs to aIDress a state or federal bill/policy that has been introduced but not yet passed, or one that exists and is in need of revision OR elimination. You may find that another state has a health policy or bill that you think needs to be passed in your state; OR you may propose a new policy/bill that you believe needs to be introduced.


The paper is to be written in current APA Format. You are encouraged to submit an ungraded draft of the paper in SafeAssign for personal review and edits prior to your final submission. You must include headings and subheadings based on objectives discussed below. You are encouraged to post questions about this assignment in the “Ask the Professor” Discussion Board Forum. Be careful to clearly and thoroughly cite your paper. A good rule of thumb is to cite at least every paragraph or two. Avoid overuse of direct quotations and include page numbers with direct quotes only.


For the background/significance section of the paper, avoid over-reliance on web-based information. Published articles are preferred. Also, do not cite, since this is not an academic source; information is abstracted and not checked for accuracy.

For this paper, page 1 is the title page, page 2 is an abstract, and page 3 begins the body of the paper (the abstract is just a brief summary of the main purpose of the paper and general findings/recommendations). The paper must be 12–15 pages (not including the title page, abstract, and reference page) and include 10–15 references.


Components of Paper

(Include Points I–V as your main headings for the paper)


  1. Introduction of Problem/Issue and Related Bill:


  1. Briefly discuss the issue and identify the related legislation/bill.
  2. Provide the name and number of the bill and note the individual(s) who introduced the bill and current status of the bill, i.e. in committee, passed by house, etc.


  1. Background/Significance and Scope of the Problem:


  1. Information, history of bill, initial development, impetus for introduction of the bill, etc.
  2. Include pertinent literature review relevant to issue/problem (i.e., if bill is related to the issue of HIV or teen pregnancy, present literature that validates this problem).
  3. Discuss social, economic, political, and ethical considerations/impact related to issue


III.     Proponent and Opponent Arguments:


  1. Who (interest groups/individuals) are in favor of the bill. Discuss their position.
  2. Who (interest groups/individuals) are against the bill. Discuss their position.




  1. Nursing’s OR Human Services Perspective:
  2. Present a “nursing” OR “human services” perspective on the issue and the related bill. Use the Internet, journal sources (i.e., see role of Advanced Practice Nurses (Hamric); ANA position statements, human services oriented institutions, organizations; Virginia Nurse Practice Act; Code of Ethics for Nursing, etc.).
  3. What are your personal views about the issue/proposed legislation?


  1. Policy/Bill Recommendations:


  1. Expand upon introductory comments about the bill made in part I (may also include actual bill document retrieved from Internet as an appendix).
  2. Discuss your recommendations—should bill be passed in its current form? If yes, why? If no, why not? And, what are your recommendations for revision–or elimination?


  1. Attach grading rubric to the completed paper before submitting via Blackboard.


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