Health Research

Health Topic Research

(MLA style)

You will select a dimension of health (physical, social, mental, emotional, or spiritual) and an illness/ailment that is interesting to you. 

– I chose MENTAL as health dimension and DEPRESSION as the illness.

You will then research the illness (depression)  and possible benefits dance could bring to an individual suffering from the illness. In addition, investigate any prevention that dance could offer. 

Select an area of health. (MENTAL). Identify an illness/ailment. (DEPRESSION). Research any academic data about the illness (depression), including any research on the benefits of
dance to that illness, and propose how dance might promote healing in that area.  Research and propose how dance might offer prevention against the illness (depression). Write a 2-3 page paper summarizing the illness, why it was selected, and research findings.
Make sure to cite all sources and use MLA format.


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