Healthcare Majors!!!!! Must be 100% Original Must be APA format!!!!

This week is about cultures and the effect that cultural differences may have on healthcare. We are learning about cultural sensitivity and our ability to understand others who are not of the same culture as we are. In healthcare, we cannot expect the patient to understand us. It is our responsibility to understand them.
For your discussion this week, research a culture and contrast it with what we are learning about cultural competency. Answer the questions below in paragraph (not list) format. For answers in list format there will be a 1.0 point deduction.
1. How as health care providers are we going to be sensitive to a culture which is different than ours.
2. What are the barriers to our ability to be culturally competent?
3. Explain how cultural competence adds to positive outcomes in health care and how it adds to patient satisfaction. Give at least two examples of this.
This is your final assignment. It should be 500 words or more. It needs to include references and citations, in APA format only, and at least two other sources besides your etext.


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