history 1960s liberation documents

1960s Liberation Movements

Homework: Build a chart for each of the following movements or organizations and answer the following questions:

  1. What critique is being offered? (what problems does this particular document define?)
    ● who did this group see as the bad guys?
  2. What solutions to the above problems are being put forward? (what do they want?)
    ● who did this group see as the good guys?
  3. What strategies and tactics are put forward to achieve the solutions?
  4. List the names of important events, documents and people associated with each group.
  5. Who is being included and who is being excluded in these plans? – what does “liberation” mean to this particular group? Liberated from what?

You should draw primarily from the following readings: a) George Donelson Moss, CH8, “Rebellion and Reaction”; b) 1960s Liberation Documents. You may also need to spend a little time looking up particular events, organizations, persons or groups to help you situate the document in time.

Groups to identify:

  1. Students for a Democratic Society
  2. The Free Speech Movement
  3. The New Left
  4. Freedom Summer (Mississippi Freedom Summer Project – 1964)
  5. Women’s Liberation Movement
  6. The Weathermen
  7. Black Power (Black Liberation) Movement (as distinct from the mainstream civil rights movement)
  8. Chicano/Chicana Liberation Movement (Brown Power)
  9. Gay Liberation Movement
  10. American Indian Movement


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