history responses 2

Instructions: For response 1-2, respond thoughtfully. Just saying “I agree” or “I disagree” does not constitute a thoughtful response. They need to be substantive to promote further discussion, new ideas, or questions and are approximately 150-200 words (1 paragraph) in length. Short comments, such as “Good point,” information not applicable to the historical context of the assigned topic, and non-topic personal interactions do not apply.

1. After becoming president, Theodore Roosevelt was determined to construct a canal across Central America; he eventually succeeded through his “Big Stick” foreign policy approach. “Big Stick” foreign policy was established by President Theodore Roosevelt and was a successful tactic because of the United States’ military strength. This foreign policy tactic was influenced by an African proverb, “speak softly, carry a big stick, and you will go far.”(Corbett et al. ,2017 pg. 650) In short, in order to achieve foreign policy the use of force was unnecessary, the only thing needed was the threat of force. Before Panama revolted against Columbia and won, Roosevelt first negotiated with Columbia to construct the canal that was across the “fifty-mile isthmus of Panama.” (Corbett et al. ,2017 pg. 651)Roosevelt offered a payment of 10 million and a 250,000 annual rental fee but the Columbian people thought that too low thus the Columbian senate rejected the offer. In retaliation Roosevelt choose to use the “Big Stick” tactic: “he said that the United States would support Panama should they choose to revolt and he sent American battleships to the coast of Columbia when the Panamanian revolution started happening.” (Corbett et al. ,2017 pg. 651)Eventually, Panama gained its independence, were acknowledged as a Country by the United States and were given the same offer for the land Columbia was given and accepted the offer. Through the use of the “Big Stick,” foreign policy Roosevelt was able to construct the Panama Canal.

2. President Theodore Roosevelt establishes a new foreign policy called the “Big Stick” which was thought to be a huge improvement to McKinley’s policy with military strengthening and economic coercion. According to the article Age of Empire: American Foreign Policy, “the term ‘big stick’ comes from an African proverb, ‘speak softly, and carry a big stick, and you will go far’.” Roosevelt believed in a more less violent approach to finding solution; however, he was informed about the military success in the years he stayed in office. With this new policy set in motion the construction of the Panama Canal was taking place which was a railway system that began its operations in 1855. This canal was meant for trade as well as for military purposes and or reason across Central America. This; however, sparked outrage to foreign people who lost land due to the construction of the railway. In short, Theodore Roosevelt decided to use his new idea of the “big stick” which in other terms mean ruling with an iron fist, but in this case Roosevelt ensured that the people that were affected due to the construction would be helped and would not be ignored even if they decided to riot against it.


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