hr355 core assessment mia s muffins final case

Mia’s Muffins Final Case


The final assignment for this course is a video presentation. Examine the instructions below to ensure that the content and format of the presentation meet the necessary requirement.

Presentation Content

The presentation should include a Recruitment and Selection system for Mia’s Muffins, with other supportive information. Its purpose is to make recommendations for a recruitment and selection system. Each student should demonstrate his/her ability to develop a staffing strategy, and an applied model, based on the nature of the employment relationship adopted by the organization. This project will also assess the student’s ability to differentiate between internal and external recruitment, and develop assessment methods, accordingly. Finally, the student will demonstrate the appropriate use of quantitative methods to assess job candidates in accordance with internal and external selection methods. Students should use at least five credible sources to support their recommendations and analyses.

Each presentation should contain the following elements:

  • Introduction
  • Recommendations for:
  • Job Analysis & Why Job Descriptions are important
    • Recruitment Plan both Internal and External for front customer service positions
      • Include Recruitment Sources and Type of Recruitment Message
    • Type of selection predictors. If including interview, structured or unstructured?
  • Support, including validity correlation coefficients, and an explanation of why Mia should care about validity…
  • Type of scoring system used and/or how to combine the selection predictors recommended
  • Conclusion
  • APA style reference page

Presentation Format

To complete this assignment, students should deliver a video presentation that addresses the key points noted above. The presentation requirements are as follows:

  • Create a voice narrated slideshow presentation in PowerPoint. Ensure that the presentation consists of 10-15 slides and has a running time of 7-10 minutes.
  • Convert the PowerPoint to video format (MP4) and upload it to YouTube (with automatic closed captioning enabled).
  • Post the presentation as a YouTube link in the designated discussion area and actively engage in a conversation with your peers.


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