Original posting must be 2 – 3 substantive paragraphs (250+ words) with two subsequent replies to colleagues of one solid substantive paragraph (50+ words). Substantive means containing discussion that demonstrates knowledge and ability to analyze the topic at hand. Does not mean simply repeating a previous post or stating “I agree.”

This discussion must be your work. Please complete the discussion without any research.

Once you are finished with the discussion, please find an expert opinion that agrees or disagrees with your position.

Sections 5.3.1 and 5.3.2 (pp. 194-196) of the text discuss the application of direct manipulation in web page design.

  • Describe some of the methods and techniques you have seen in web pages where the physical representations and graphical designs have guided you to the right buttons, links or other information on the page.
  • Do you look for such user feedback as the mouse changing to a pointing finger when scrolling over a button or hyperlink?
  • What about immediate feedback from the web page when selecting a button?


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